Project Participants: Newport News Shipbuilding

Project Start: November 2013

NNS is executing this 13-month project using an iterative process that will lead to incremental implementations. The NNS team has evaluated current scanning technologies, including those based on laser and infra-red light, capable of capturing 3D shipboard configurations and narrowed the field of shipcheck applicable laser scanners based on safety, form factor, scan speed, level of accuracy, integration of digital photography, and operation in harsh environments. NNS has completed a laser scanning proof of concept feasibility study to support the conceptual processes related to the capture of shipboard reality for utilization during composite modeling and later during shipyard planning and execution. A separate study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of using hand-held, infra-red based devices to acquire data unable to be captured using laser scanning techniques, such as areas above, below, and behind objects.

To accomplish project goals, NNS will conduct a shipcheck trial, develop processes and procedures, develop 3D assets libraries, prototype tools and processes during the initial CVN 73 shipcheck, and refine processes as necessary. Recognizing that line-of-sight is important to successful reality capture within a space utilizing laser scan technologies, NNS will also test the use of hand-held infra-red based reality capture solutions during CVN 73 shipcheck as part of this project.

This technology, once implemented, could reduce maintenance and repair labor and material costs by 43% or an estimated $860K per CVN repair planning evolution.

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