Project Participants: General Dynamics Electric Boat
Project Start: October 2007

Recent DOD studies have concluded that Design for Production (DfP) is the single most influential factor to reduce ship production cycle time and costs, as ship design processes are not keeping pace with manufacturing practices. This project will use previously developed DfP elements to develop the requirements to enable a seamless delivery of a 3D product model prototype to improve construction productivity.

In order to achieve maximum efficiency in the manufacture and assembly process, manufacturing/process engineers take the two dimensional (2D) drawing produced by design and develop build-sequence workbooks for special cases known as Manufacturing Aids (MA). These MA provide assembly sequence and details to the mechanics to simplify their information load, relying heavily on 3D isometric assembly views to graphically convey the 2D drawing information to mechanics. The challenging need is to investigate the development and implementation of a DfP seamless deliverable that supports the manufacturing sequence workbook type concept and minimizes the labor-intense MA production process.

This project evaluated the existing data models for construction information and proposing new, expanded 3D product model concepts to meet the DfP seamless deliverable goals. It additionally identified information required to meet DfP process improvement requirements, such that the production workforce will receive timely, accurate, configuration-managed electronic data on-demand, meeting their information needs. Additional state-of-the-art capabilities were identified to provide this data seamlessly, without external intervention, to the shop floor mechanics. These new DfP data models will continue to eliminate duplication of efforts, improve configuration management, and ultimately reduce production costs.

The full scale 3D Product Model has been partially implemented for use at Electric Boat’s Groton and Quonset Point facilities for VCS hull SSN-784, and results are being shared with Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding – Newport News.

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