Project Participants: Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc.
Project Start: March 2016

The lifting and handling processes, procedures and equipment currently utilized evolved to address the specific requirements of each step, without regard for the entire process as a whole. Controlling documentation for each organization is not coordinated, is inconsistently applied, does not clearly delineate roles and responsibilities and frequently conflicts. As a result, costs have risen sharply as ship complexity and process steps increase.
The Optimized Lifting and Handling will study the lifting and handling process across all organizations and platforms to understand the key cost drivers that need to be addressed to reduce costs. The project will develop organizational and technical solutions that target the cost drivers and develop a future solutions process handbook for lifting and handling. This handbook will provide coordinated guidance and any relevant lessons learned to all involved organizations and will establish methods of lifting and handling units that are optimized for the entire construction and erection process. The handbook will be published digitally and available for all users. The handbook will provide methods and procedures that aim to reduce man hours and material cost by optimizing the lifting and handling of material in the shipyard; e.g., reduction of the number of moves and maneuvers.
The 18-month project will be conducted across two major phases at HII-Ingalls. Phase I will focus on defining the current process and inefficiencies, the investigation of alternative methods and equipment to address the major cost drivers of the lifting and handling process and the development of potential solutions. Phase II activities will consist of development and prototyping of those Phase I opportunities deemed promising for implementation. The opportunities will be piloted where the lifting and handling metrics can be tracked and the impact on cost and schedule can be evaluated. Phase II will conclude with a final report and issuance of a lifting and handling handbook that will document the optimized process that is developed and will dictate its use and control. Once implemented, Ingalls anticipates this effort will reduce cost associated with lifting and handling which translate into a potential 5 year cost savings across Ingalls shipyard of $5.24M.

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