Project Participants: Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc. – Ingalls Shipbuilding
Project Start: August 2017

Technology insertion is a key driver to reduce Navy shipbuilding fabrication costs. The Navy ManTech Program is participating in this effort, with specific focus on manufacturing processes for ship construction.  The Naval Shipbuilding and Advanced Manufacturing (NSAM) Center and Huntington Ingalls Industries – Ingalls Shipbuilding (Ingalls) have identified an area that can benefit from improved manufacturing processes and technologies to continue cost reduction efforts.

The shipbuilding industry continues to expand its use of equipment and machinery packaging to improve construction cost and outfitting schedules. Machinery packaging enables system/component level testing prior to transporting and landing on the ship. Ingalls strategy for machinery package testing includes accomplishing as much shipboard installation inspections and testing as possible prior to the package leaving the shop. The objective of this project is to evaluate industry ‘best practices’ to determine the optimal level and type of testing that can be performed on equipment packages. It will determine specific requirements that enable early testing, perform pilot on an existing unit to evaluate construction requirements, evaluate support equipment requirements needed for early testing, and assess support equipment options that capitalize on efficiencies achieved by testing in a controlled environment. The results of this project will develop shop environment testing of packaged units/structures downstream or late stage shipboard testing. This technology and process, once implemented, could potentially save an estimated $476K per DDG-51 hull and extend to other platforms under construction at IngallsProject

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