Project Participants: Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc.
Project Start: February 2013

The ‘Mobile Supervisor’ project is focused on mobility technology and process improvements to enhance efficiency and optimize both the foremen and craft productivity by increasing foreman time spent on the deck plate and shop floor and decreasing time spent traveling to/from office locations and warehouses. The overall goal is to reduce ship construction costs by increasing the time on the shop floor overseeing craft productivity and quality.

The primary objective of this project is to provide shipyard foremen mobile technology and applications to put the many tasks of data capture and entry at the point of activity, keeping foremen on the production floor and decrease the time required to perform administrative duties, such as, time keeping, crew certifications, material location, compartment completion, and supervision of bill status. Providing foremen the ability to transfer the data from a handheld device via a docking station at their desktop at shift’s end will reduce the time away from the deck plate.

This project will provide handheld devices with mobile applications for time keeping, recording training participation, and verification of material receipt. Once implemented, the project expects to minimize the need for the foremen to leave the ship in order to carry out the normal daily computing tasks.

This technology, once implemented, could potentially save an estimated $2.8M per DDG 51 Hull. These savings will result from the utilization of mobile technology that is expected to increase foreman availability and efficiency by approximately 10 percent and lay the foundation for additional ‘paperless’ processes.

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