Project Participants: NAVAIR 4.1.9
Project Start: November 2019

NAVAIR is responsible for the full lifecycle management of the weapon systems fielded in support of all Naval Aviation Assets. This project focuses on the in-service sustainment period need for engineering support activities; specifically, the ad hoc need for engineering support for depot and provisioning services.   Two key elements of sustainment that drive request for engineering support are Depot Repair activities and part provisioning.

Naval Air Depots utilize an internal Request for Engineering Investigation (REI) tickets to elicit engineering support.  Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) utilizes an external form called the 339 – Request for Engineering Support (RES).  Both internal REIs and external RES categories of REIs often kickoff a series of actions to locate the pertinent technical data required by an engineer to disposition the request.  The Technical Data Integration and Search project is focused on reducing the non-value added time of manually searching to locate and provide this technical data to an engineer.

The Technical Data Integration and Search project will involve the implementation of two pieces of software that will index the multiple databases and provide a single portal through which a user can perform a search of the disparate databases.  Once this search is complete the user can initiate a workflow that will collect the files and metadata from the multiple databases, convert the CAD models to a validated neutral format (if necessary), package the information into one file, and send the package to an appropriate recipient.

The 12-month effort will be utilizing existing software that has proven functionality in either industry or government.  The most significant challenge involves protecting intellectual property that is being indexed from multiple sources.  The solution will need to demonstrate an ability to do multi-system indexing while meeting IA and Security requirements. The Project will analyze various database structures and define requirements for each component that make up the complete system. The project will develop a series of connectors to connect the search based application to master data repositories of JEDMICS, TMAPS, and JTDI.

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