Project Participants: Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding-Newport News

Project Start: July 2004

Automated Diagnostic and Prognostic (ADP) systems can be used as a means both to reduce Preventive Maintenance and to predict when Corrective Maintenance on plant equipment will be required. This involves robust current condition diagnostics and future condition prognostics capabilities. These capabilities are rapidly emerging in the market. Industry suppliers are already providing “ADP capable” equipment, such as sensors embedded in electric motors, motor operated valves, air conditioning plants and diesel generators.

One of the problems in using ADP-enabled equipment is the transfer of information to various analysis groups to determine if repairs or maintenance actions must be performed or scheduled in the near future. The Wireless Automated Diagnostic and Prognostic (WADP) system will allow the analysis groups to query or to automatically be notified of current or potential maintenance actions on stationary, as well as mobile equipment.

This project will develop wireless machinery monitoring systems tailored specifically for mobile shipyard diesel applications (e.g., cranes, trains, transports and tugs), using existing technologies, and new technologies, where required. The main objectives are to minimize potential equipment failures, lengthen the time between servicing, reduce the life-cycle cost of equipment and reduce overall maintenance costs. The project team, consisting of Northrop Grumman’s Newport News and Ingalls Operations and RLW, Inc., has determined that to achieve these objectives, monitoring must take place at the system level as well as the individual component (e.g., motor, valve, etc.) level, since overall reliability is affected by both system and component failures. The information gathered on current and predicted equipment health will also be used to streamline maintenance processes and reduce labor hours expended in maintaining the equipment.